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Welcome to Cabrini Consulting and Bob & Gerri Laird Initiatives. We have constructed this website as a means of providing a launch pad for the services of Cabrini Consulting, to include our background, opportunities that we can provide, and our recent work.

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Humanae Vitae at 45 Years

Cabrini Center for Catholic Health Care

The 45th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae provides an opportunity for assessment and reflection on the past and the present. On the past, by looking back at the document itself and using the words of other great thinkers to frame the impact of the document over these past 45 years. On the present, by looking at the current situation in the United States and seeing Humanae Vitae as a prophecy fulfilled. What follows below is a series of 5 short articles on the relevance of Humanae Vitae 45 years later. They have been posted daily on the blog of the Couple to Couple League.  You can find the originals at

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Bob Laird – Neurosurgery for Elderly “Units” Under ObamaCare

Neurosurgery for Elderly “Units” Under ObamaCare – HLI America’s Truth & Charity Forum, 12/20/2011 and, 12/21/2011 by Bob Laird

A neurologist is called to the hospital in the middle of the night to treat an elderly patient who arrives with a brain aneurysm. The normal procedure would be immediate surgery to relieve the pressure on the brain. Time is of the essence. Then, however, the surgeon realizes that the patient has insurance through one of the new government exchanges set up under ObamaCare and rethinks his treatment plan. The only prescribed treatment for which he will be reimbursed for this “unit” is “comfort care.”

This scenario was presented recently during a call to The Mark Levin Show on the topic of rationing health care. One of the fundamentals of health care expenditures is that most health care costs are usually amassed during the first and last six months of one’s life. Economically, the “low hanging fruit” of cost reduction in health care is to minimize costs at these two ends of the life spectrum. President Obama echoed this sentiment Continue reading

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Bob Laird: Could Obama Flip on Religious Exemptions for Health Care?

Could Obama Flip on Religious Exemptions for Health Care?
HLI America’s Truth & Charity Forum, 12/06/2011 by Bob Laird

Could President Obama modify the recent Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ruling that requires health insurance plans to cover contraception and sterilization at no cost? Will he broaden the current miniscule religious exemptions? His recent meeting with Archbishop Timothy Dolan, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, was perceived by some as a crack in the administration’s position on the HHS ruling, prompting a call to the White House by the Pro-Choice Caucus and panicked calls for action by Planned Parenthood. Given the administration’s history of faithful allegiance to its pro-abortion base, any shift in position following Archbishop Dolan’s visit will occur only if is calculated that such a move will win him votes next November. Read More
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Bob Laird: Catholics on Voting: Theory vs. Reality

Catholics on Voting: Theory vs. Reality, HLI America’s Truth & Charity Forum, 11/17/2011
By Bob Laird

Catholics have much at stake in the 2012 elections. The hostility of the Obama administration toward the Church is becoming more and more evident, proving it to be anything but Catholic-friendly. President Obama’s continued support for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s top abortion provider; his flagrant disregard and opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); his mandating birth control and sterilization in Catholic health plans; and his trashing of the conscience rights of medical practitioners all show a consistent pattern.

When the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) expressed dismay and concern about the administration’s actions (including a letter to President Obama by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the Conference President), they were ignored by the administration. As a result, the USCCB has established a special committee to discuss this dismantling of religious liberties. Read More

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Bob Laird: “ABCs of Sex Trafficking Grants…”

The ABC’s of Sex Trafficking Grants – “Anybody But Catholics” HLI America, Truth & Charity Forum, 11/10/2011

Looking closely at the actions of the Obama administration, it is becoming difficult to find any evidence of their awareness of the constitutional limits of the executive branch, or even a hint of prudential concern about executive overreach. Last month, prior to his “jobs speech,” President Obama directed several cabinet agencies to prepare contingency plans to move forward on projects that can be done without the approval of Congress. These plans included projects completely funded by the federal government in the areas of infrastructure, education, and agriculture.  Read More

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Bob Laird: “Obama’s Assault on Catholic charities”

Letter to the Editor: “Obama’s Assault on Catholic Charities,” The Washington Times,  10/27/2011

by Bob Laird

Patrick Reilly’s “No choice for Catholic colleges” (Commentary, Oct. 21) brings home a dangerous reminder that the Obama administration is more than willing to ignore the First Amendment rights of those who do not agree with its radical agenda.

While Mr. Reilly focused on institutions of higher education, his comments are relevant to the 663 Catholic hospitals and countless Catholic organizations across the country. Catholic hospitals in the United States together provide more than 28 million inpatient days and 102 million outpatient visits each year. Read More

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